Why become a Partner?

One of our core capabilities is to develop scalable processes, adopting the necessary flexibility and addressing the value that the business needs.
We manage a large volume of partners effectively and efficiently, by creating standard processes that always take into account the flexibility of the business.

We are a key link in the distribution of technology. We support the channel at every stage of the business process, from demand generation and pre-sales, to closing deals. Among the benefits of being a partner of LOL, the following stand out:

Pre-sales support: thanks to the creation of a regional team with more than 30 technology experts

Financial support: offering different alternatives that boost the business of each of our partners in the different countries of the region, and the possibility of having local billing

Marketing Support: We have a regional team to provide support in GTM plans and strategies.

Access to SmartHub: our 100% digital, user-friendly, fast and intuitive commercial platform, which allows our partners to manage their operations, streamline invoicing processes, make payment options available, and enable information for business intelligence (data-driven business).

Special strategies: Go Connect, our hyperconnected multivendor solutions program, as a differential value for the market.

Training Center and Professional Services: from our area LOL Education, we provide courses that consist of 3 attributes that allow us to achieve 100% quality; execution guarantee, online access to the material, and added value for the business. Regarding our professional services area, we are technical facilitators for our partners and customers to successfully develop their business opportunities.

If you are starting your business or want to expand your portfolio of solutions, do not hesitate to ask for our support.

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