LOL Educación is the most recognized IT knowledge center at a regional level by the leading Vendors in the technology industry.

At LOL Educación we want to offer you an educational experience, where the experience begins before the day of the course and concludes with the success of an implementation or project. Our instructors have extensive business experience that will allow you to make the most of learning through real experiences with the best tools and technology available to the student.

Our Mission

LOL Educación is a knowledge center that operates since 2006, with our expertise and commitment to education we aspire to be the ideal complement to companies when implementing successful projects, because learning is the first step to a successful implementation, we know the effort that represents the technological investment in companies, that is why we want to help the technical staff that leads or uses these products so they can make the most of the use of them and achieve the ROI that companies require from their IT investments.

Benefits of joining LOL Education

Remote fast tracks focused on certification preparation

DELIVERY: Courses in face-to-face, online and blended modalities.

Advanced and specialized courses in public calendar

VALIDITY: One year from the date of the purchase order.

We are ATC

Thanks to the confidence that technology manufacturers place in our level of educational excellence, LOL Education is ATC (Authorized Training Center) of recognized brands.

What do we mean when we say we are ATC?

It means that we are Authorized Training Center. It is a type of membership authorized by the manufacturer itself.

Being ATC allows us to participate in OFFICIAL training tenders.

It also allows partners to participate in official courses required by manufacturers for their rebates.

We are an Authorized Training Center of Authorized Training Center for

We also commercialize trainings of:


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