VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP)

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Maximize IT agility to boost your business.

Cloud computing provides a much more efficient, flexible and cost-effectively way to meet growing business needs: IT as a service. VMware offers an evolutionary and practical path to this new model, with solutions that leverage the power of the cloud while ensuring security and preserving the value of existing technology investments.

The VMware service provider program called VSPP (VMware Service Provider Program)is designed exclusively for data centers; so they can effectively and economically meet the customer’s needs with the best virtualization technology on the market.

Platform for IT service providers who access virtualization solutions industry leaders with proven reliability, broad coverage of applications and mobility features.

VMware vCloud Computing solutions enable VSPP members to:

  • Take advantage of industry leaders’ virtualization solutions with proven reliability, broad coverage of applications and mobility exclusive features.
  • Increase revenue with business continuity offerings and new automation, such as disaster recovery and high availability.
  • Offer ready to deploy cloud business services to the markets, with tools and solutions that allow access to the extensive VMware customer base.
  • Use hardware resources more effectively, to provide the kind of services your customers need, at an affordable price and in compliance with stringent service level agreements (SLA, Service Level Agreement).

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