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We are the leading wholesale distributors of added value software and security solutions in Latin America. We are 100% concerned with software licenses and security solutions. We are at the forefront of the Latin American software market, delivering high quality services and state-of-the-art technology to a network of over 4500 specialized resellers who run corporations, small and medium enterprises, government organizations and educational institutions. Being a key link in technology distribution, we create business opportunities for providers and resellers through unique marketing programs, pre- and post-sale consultancy customized for your needs, financial services, and ongoing solution and technology training.

Our main goal is to design solutions that will help your company grow. That’s why our focus is on being a software and technology-centered online platform.

Our quest for innovation lays the foundation which holds up our business model. Our internal systems work on the latest available versions of the same products we distribute. In order to stay in touch with our clients, we use a powerful e-commerce platform for order processing and tracking, as well as an online business declaration tool for greater project protection, an e-learning platform and web-run incentive programs. Innovation also supports the planning and execution of marketing programs dedicated to generate opportunities which are automatically forwarded to our resellers to help increase their profit margins.

We have successfully entered the world of Cloud computing. Our new Cloud Computing business unit is working towards unifying the supply and demand of software solutions in the Latin American market. Through it, clients can access the services in the cloud quickly and easily. The benefits of the new model become apparent very soon: the overload during integration and complex schedules of implementation are a thing of the past.

Today, Licencias OnLine offers the following services:

  • Commercial pre-sale with vendors and Product Managers skilled in software sales.
  • Technical pre-sale with 20 certified engineers in their solution supported with demos, pilots and opportunity dimensioning.
  • Credit facilities for the purchase of teams in demo when the solution includes an appliance.
  • Marketing team that supports the channels in generating demand in their final customers.
  • Follow up during deal closing with optional financial exclusives.
  • Official training courses from leading developers, such as VMware, Citrix, Symantec and Websense.
  • Support through Professional Services whenever the channel lacks available resources.

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