During this four-day training course, you will learn how to perform a basic deployment, configure, administer and monitor TRITON AP-WEB. Through instruction, demonstrations and hands-on lab practice exercises, you will learn the requirements and recommendations to successfully deploy TRITON APWEB in a simple network environment




During this four-day training course, you will learn how to perform a basic deployment, configure, administer and monitor TRITON AP-WEB. Through instruction, demonstrations and hands-on lab practice exercises, you will learn the requirements and recommendations to successfully deploy TRITON APWEB in a simple network environment. You will develop the skills required to successfully manage an existing deployment and will also be able to successfully deploy TRITON AP-WEB including Web DLP and TruHybrid functionality.


 Understand the TRITON AP-WEB Architecture

 Understand the deployment and upgrade processes and requirements

 Install TRITON AP-WEB and configure initial settings

 Configure explicit and transparent proxy  Configure multiple methods of identification and authentication

 Backup and restore a TRITON AP-WEB deployment

 Troubleshoot a TRITON AP-WEB deployment

 Configure advanced scanning features

 Understand how TRITON AP-WEB protects against Advanced Persistent Threats

 Configure tunneled protocol detection

 Configure SSL content inspection and category bypass

 Configure policies and content scanning

 Understand how TRITON AP-WEB integrated with third- party solutions

 Understand and deploy the TRITON AP-WEB TruHybrid solution

Curso disponible para audiencia profesional y también sesión de 8hs para especial para Partner. Curso Oficial.


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