Check Point Curso Oficial CCSA, Security Administration

Provide an understanding of basic concepts and skills necessary to configure Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades. Technical persons who support, install, deploy or administer Check Point Software Blades should attend this course.



Preface - Security Administration
Introduction to Check Point Technology
Security Policy Management
Policy Layers
Check Point Security Solutions and Licensing
Traffic Visibility
Basic Concepts of VPN
Managing User Access
Working with Cluster XL



Lab 1.1 Working with Gaia Portal
Lab 1.2 Installing and Touring Smart Console
Lab 2.1 Modifying existing Security Policy
Lab 2.2 HTTPS Inspection
Lab 2.3 Configure Hide and Static Network Address Translation
Lab 2.4 Managing Administrator Access
Lab 2.5 Installing and Managing a Remote Security Gateway
Lab 2.6 Managing Backups
Lab 3.1 Defining Access Control Policy Layers
Lab 3.2 Implementing application Control and URL Filtering
Lab 3.3 Defining and Sharing Security Policy Layers
Lab 4.1 Activating the Compliance Software Blade
Lab 4.2 Working with Licenses and Contracts
Lab 5.1 Working with Check Point Logs
Lab 5.2 Maintaining Check Point Logs
Lab 6.1 Configure a Site-to-Site VPN Between Alpha and Bravo
Lab 7.1 Providing User Access
Lab 8.1 Working with Cluster XL
Lab 9.1 Verifying Network Compliance
Lab 9.2 Working with CPView

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