Trend Micro Cloud One Course (Antes Deep Security)

In this course, you will learn how to use Trend Micro™ Deep Security. This course provides information about the basic architecture, deployment scenarios, installation processes, policy configuration and administration options, as well as troubleshooting details that a network administrator needs to know for successful implementation and long-term maintenance.



Key Functionality
Components and Architecture
Installation Planning and Deployment

Product In-Depth

Deep Security Manager and Agent
Update and Software Management
Endpoint Management

Detection Methods and Agent Activation
Deep Security Relays
Security Updates
Policy Management

Inheritance, Hierarchy, and Overrides
Common Objects
Anti-Malware Solution Platform (AMSP)

Anti-Malware Scan Engines
Scans and Quarantine
Smart Protection
Web Reputation

Security Levels and Exceptions
Web Reputation Communication
Analysis Process

Firewall Rules
Reconnaissance Scans
Traffic Analysis
Intrusion Prevention

Virtual Patching
Protocol Hygiene
Application Control
Web Application Protection
Recommendation Scans
Integrity Monitoring

Event Tagging
Log Inspection

Logging and Reports


Agentless Protection

Cloud Computing

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud

Virtual en vivo
Días: 4
Idioma: Español
Modalidad: Online