Benefits of selling software

Access new opportunities and enjoy the benefits of selling software as a service:

- Achieve recurring sales
- It does not require large investments
- Pay per use model
- Get billing predictability

No inventory


There is no inventory of licenses, the solutions are downloaded or consumed directly from the web. Under normal conditions, delivery times can be immediate or within approximately 72 business hours depending on each software manufacturer.

Positive cash flow


Because there is no inventory, the same payment condition of the purchase is carried forward in the sale, so the cash flow is positive.

Loyalty and captivate your customer


The licensing schemes are mostly monthly or annual renewal, which generates a recurring sales opportunity.

Get direct benefits from the manufacturer


You can achieve more benefits such as discounts for booking opportunities or apply for rebate programs or marketing funds.

Hidden cost reduction


There is no inventory and no inventory obsolescence. As there is no inventory, there is no need to insure the merchandise or maintain merchandise warehouses by paying the cost of renting physical space. No freight is required for the transfer of the "merchandise" (licenses).

Technology reference


Position yourself as a benchmark for technology, consulting and highly qualified services, in front of the end consumer.

After-sales support


Software manufacturers provide guarantees of good performance and expert support, with different levels of scope according to each need.

Associated services


Associated services that make your business much more profitable.

Legal protection


You can position yourself more professionally with your client by advising them on how to avoid legal problems associated with piracy.