We Are Licencias OnLine

Leading distributor in Latin America, focused on the commercialization of technology solutions based on infrastructure services (software defined data center), cloud solutions, security, digital workspace, and Professional Services.

Our Mission.

Licencias OnLine is the value-added distributor with the most complete service for its business partners, focused on the sale of Technology Solutions, Cloud Computing, Education and Services for over 17 years.

Our Vision.

To be leaders in the digital transformation of the IT distribution market, through the creation of our new DaaS (Distribution as a Service) model to offer our partners the best business experience.

We lead the market in its category, delivering high-quality services and cutting-edge technology to a network of more than 40 brands, covering 40 countries in Latin America. With 13 local offices, and more than 17 years of uninterrupted expansion, reaching more than 4,000 channels and 25,000 end customers.


Countries of
Latin America









Licencias OnLine is the main ally of the Technology Manufacturers, and the ideal partner for the service providers that distribute the solutions.

We provide technology solutions, business development and support to service providers, system integrators and software developers (ISVs) to help them deliver added value to their customers.

For more than 17 years we have been offering solutions from well-known manufacturers.

Towards the DaaS model

As creators of the Distribution as a Service (DaaS) model, we design an end-to-end digital strategy based on 5 pillars: Business Intelligence, Automated and Scalable Transactions, User Experience, Digital Marketing Tools and Payment Solution and Business Management.

SmartHub by Licencias OnLine

It is our E-Commerce platform and is presented as an intelligent business hub, focused on the user experience, provides a solution for billing, payment, administration and management of orders, quotes and subscriptions; it also helps partners to make decisions based on data (data-driven business), as well as will soon provide digital marketing tools for partners to access customizable content to easily generate demand.

Its main functions are:

Providing a good user experience to manage their operations

Streamline billing processes

Make payment options available

Enable data for business intelligence (data-driven business).