Acronis Certified Engineer Cloud

Acronis Certified Engineer for Acronis Cloud Training & Certification course offered by Acronis Academy provides IT professionals with a broad knowledge and background information about the use of Acronis Backup Cloud software. This hands-on training allows participants to test all of the functionality and features on the cloud side, as well as on End User side. It features new generation software as a service technologies, from installing and configuring Acronis’ solutions, to offering multi-tier, multi-tenant backup services both locally and in the cloud, and all tips, workarounds and best practices.



Obtendrá el certificado ACE 4.0 Acronis Certified Engineer Cloud después de completar correctamente esta formación


Módulo 01: Course Introduction

Módulo 02: Understanding Acronis Backup Cloud
2-1 Cloud Storage Deployment
2-2 Integration with Odin Service Automation
2-3 Integration with Windows Azure Pack

Módulo 03: Acronis Backup Cloud Setup & Configuration

Módulo 04: Acronis Backup Cloud Agent Installation

Módulo 05: Acronis Backup Cloud Backup Operations

Módulo 06: Acronis Backup Cloud Recovery Operations

Módulo 07: Acronis Backup Cloud Reporting

Módulo 08: Acronis Backup Cloud Troubleshooting


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